Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's get this blog started!

As I’ve aged, grilling and using the correct terminology has become important in my life. The term barbeque means cooking for long periods of time at low temperature. This is not what most backyard cookers do; they grill. So if I ever say barbeque, I mean it, and so far I have never done so.

One grilling trick that I’m slowly learning is that the briquettes need lots of air to do their job. Sometimes when the heat is just not happening, I see that something is keeping the air from flowing as it should.

I have also been using Kingsford “Competition” briquettes. I can’t tell any difference, but I’m just gullible enough to pay more for ‘em.

Let’s talk about gas grills. They have their place of course. I use mine when I’m in a big hurry. But all things being equal, it’s charcoal for me.

I have a tri-pod grill that I bought in Canada. The grill height is very adjustable. I like to make a pit in the sand and light my coals in there and place the tri-pod above it. This makes for a very enjoyable grilling experience. I have had strangers come up to me on the beach and offer me money for a piece of grilled chicken. The smell is heavenly.

So keep grilling, I know I will.

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